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Salon Halo is a full-service salon offering an extensive menu of styling services:

Women’s Cut | Deva Curl Cut | Men’s Cut | Children’s Cut | All over color | Base/Retouch | Partial Highlight | Full Highlight | Highlight/Lowlight | Balayage/Ombre | Pravana Vivids Fantasy Colors | Brazilian Blowout | Blowout | Special Occasion Hair | Eyebrow Tint | Eyelash Tint | Hair Extensions | Makeup | Facial Dermaplaning w/Peel | Eyebrow Wax | Lip/Chin Wax | Underarm Wax | Chest Wax | Back Wax | Arm Wax | Leg Wax | Brazilian Wax

Deva Cut Curl

Things to Remember for your Deva Cut

• Have your hair trimmed dry. This will get rid of any damage or split ends while preventing uneven shrinkage.

• Use sulfate free zero lather shampoo. Most shampoos contain harsh, drying sulfates that are extremely damaging for curly hair (ammonium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc.) They make curly hair frizzy and uncooperative. Using a sulfate free shampoo will cleanse the hair just as effectively without stripping it of moisture. Shampoo scalp only. You never dream of washing a good sweater with detergent. Yet most shampoos contain harsh detergents (sodium lauryl sulfate or laureth sulfate) that one finds in dish washing liquid. They work great for pots and pans because they cut grease so effectively. Your hair on the other hand, needs to retain some natural oils, which protect your hair and scalp. Stripping them away deprives the hair of necessary moisture and amino acids and makes it look dry and dull;

• Distribute conditioner throughout ends untangle gently. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Start by untangling bottom sections of your hair and then gradually move upwards. Let the conditioner sit in your hair for five minutes or so for extra moisture. You also may want to part your hair at this point with a comb. Part your hair to the side to prevent &triangle-shaped.

• Do the final rinse of your hair with cool or cold water. This will decrease frizz and add shine. Leave some conditioner in your hair, especially in dry sections like the ends.

• Stop using a brush. It damages your hair whether it is wet or dry. It causes frizz and makes dry hair tangle. Use a wide-toothed comb instead, or even better, use your fingers. If it is difficult to detangle your hair this way, add more conditioner to your hair or trim unruly ends.

• Apply products when your hair is still soaking wet. This will trap the moisture inside the cuticle of the hair, giving you moisture-rich curls. When your hair dries completely scrunch your hair. This will release the gel cast allowing your curls to look their best. (Micro-fiber towels work best. Cotton t-shirts work well; they absorb the moisture, but do not leave hair frizzy; paper towels can also be used).


Trends come and go, but Balayage and Ombre are here to stay.

Balayage, taken from the French word meaning “to sweep” and also referred to as “hair painting,” creates the most natural-looking results because  we  paint on the highlights by hand, and can scatter them throughout your hair in a more truly “sun kissed” pattern. When using foils, you work row by row, which makes the highlight pattern look very linear. With balayage, we have flexibility on where we place the highlights giving you a very natural look.

Now if you have black or dark brown hair, balayage alone may not be the best option for you. To lighten up dark hair, we need the heat from the foils to achieve a very light effect. We sometimes like to use both techniques on a client to create a mix of bold and natural-looking highlights. Each of our stylists has received training in the sought after Balayage/Ombre technique through the Siggers and Loreal Hair Academy.  We truly are Kansas City’s experts!

It’s important to find a trained and experienced colorist who knows both techniques to achieve balayage highlights on dark hair. We customize and choose for you what is best for your hair color, texture and length.

Very important note on Balayage and other coloring services is that it takes 72 hours after a coloring process for the hair cuticle to close.  You can rinse and condition and we highly recommend Enjoy dry shampoo in between that time.

Pravana Vivids/Fantasy Color

From bright, bold shades to soft, delicate pastel hues, creative color is popping up all over. For streaks, coloring extensions or all over color, Pravana’s long lasting ChromaSilk PASTELS and VIVIDS provide our clients with an effective and easy way to create soft, elegant and exciting fantasy colors.

Brazilian Blowout



Through the use of innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies, these treatments actually improve the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft. The end result is smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair with radiant shine!

What makes our professional smoothing treatments different?

They are the ONLY Professional Smoothing Treatments that actually improves the health of the hair. No Damage! Entire in-salon treatment is completed in just 90 minutes! No down time! The minute you leave the salon, you can wash and air-dry your hair, workout, put your hair in a ponytail or clip and it will be smooth, frizz-free and radiant! Results last up to 12 weeks. Leaves hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free! to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.

Hair Extensions

Salon Halo is known for hair extensions in Kansas City.  Each of our stylists is certified, highly experienced and skilled in this service We have performed hundreds of services in each and every method and have narrowed our services down to the safest most cost effective methods there are. We offer the best European and Silk Remy hair there is available. Simply put…we are Kansas City’s leading authority in hair extensions.

We offer a thorough one on one consultation with each and every client so we are able to customize the extensions and determine which method is best for your hair type and lifestyle. With proper care and maintenance, your hair extensions can last 8-12 months!

Facial Dermaplaning
& Peel

Dermaplaning is a thorough exfoliation of the skin where a small sterile surgical blade is used to gently clear away dry, dead, superfluous skin cells and unwanted vellus hair (peach fuzz). For optimal results, immediately following derma planing we apply a peel which is an excellent way to make sure the peel penetrates deeper and more evenly into your skin.

What are the benefits of Dermaplaning?
Immediately imparts a refreshed and refined look to the skin
Removes vellous facial hair
Removes surface dead/keratinized skin cells
Increases the skins ability to absorb product
Stimulates circulation of blood and lymph flow
Increases the skins immune response and vitality
Enhances the natural shedding process of the skin
Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Minimizes the appearance of pores
Reduces hyper-pigmentation creating a more even skin tone
Improves elasticity and texture

Am I a good candidate for Dermaplaning?
Dermaplaning is safe and effective for all skin types and colors; However, if you have any of the following conditions, Dermaplaning cannot be performed:

Autoimmune diseases
Active Shingles
Thin, weak or delicate skin
Taking blood thinners
Acutance use

After my treatment will my facial hair grow back thicker?
No. There are two types of hair. Fine facial hair or “peach fuzz” is called Vellous hair and is the light colored translucent hair that grows on a woman’s face, chest and back. The other type of hair is called Terminal hair, which is the coarser hair you see on the head, under the arms, brows and on the lower face of men. Because Vellous hair is so fine and different in structure than Terminal hair, cutting it does not make it grow in thicker, darker or stubbly. It grows back with the same exact texture and color as always.

Brazilian Waxing
(Women only)

The benefits to Brazilian waxing?
You'll feel clean and shiny! The results will last anywhere from ten days to three weeks, with no maintenance, and there's no shave that can get you this smooth. In fact, that's the biggest benefit -- no more shaving.  Brazilian wax is the way to go. A little painful, yes, but the results are well worth it. You eventually get used to the discomfort, and once you do you'll never need to prop that leg up in the shower again. You'll be happy. Your partner will be happy. It'll be a smooth experience.

About our waxing…
We are proud to offer “state-of-the-art” hard wax, which is easier on the skin than ordinary “strip” wax. The hard wax requires a special technique. This type of wax is not one of the cheapest to get in the U.S., but its quality of attaching only to the hair and not to the skin makes the process less painful and easier.

Most importantly…WE DO NOT DOUBLE DIP! A clean stick is used with every single dip into the wax.

Wedding Services

Whatever the occasion it is a special and important day of your life. Let us help you LOOK YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST!...for the entire day. We will capture and enhance your natural beauty creating the most beautiful, perfect look you have always dreamed of. You will feel as gorgeous as you look, radiating confidence and glowing from the inside out!

Having obtained professional training and years of experience with weddings, proms, homecomings, photo shoots, you can be assured of beautiful hair and makeup!

We only use professional quality products. All of our products are hypo-allergenic and are applied using professional hygienic techniques. All makeup is specifically made for HD video and photography.

Are you getting married or have a special occasion in the greater Kansas City area? We provide on-location makeup and hair service for the entire bridal parties, teen groups, anywhere in the Kansas City area and surrounding locations. No wedding party is too large as we have three highly experienced makeup and hairstylists with years of experience in weddings and event work.

Our salon has a complete bridal suite as well for your entire wedding party should you choose to come here for your services.

Wedding Rates

Wedding Services & Rates

 Bridal Makeup $95
• Bridal Hairstyling $85
• Strip Eyelashes $20
• Bridal Party Makeup $60
• Bridal Party Hair Styling $60
• Flower Girl Hair (10yr under) $35
• Flower Girl Makeup (10yr under) $25
• Clip-in Extension (supplied by you) "in addition to the hair styling" $35
• Makeup Trial $50
• Hair Trial $50
• Lash Trial $15
Traveling Fee

• $20 Downtown/Plaza
• $30 Parkville/Gladstone
• $35 Overland Park
• $35  Liberty/Smithville
• $45  Independence/Kearney/Excelsior
• $75 Lawrence
• $60 Blue Springs/Lee’s Summit/Olathe/Lenexa
• $100 St Joseph

Minimum of $300 in services to go on location. Please inquire. Rates vary.
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